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& Incantations For Happiness

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These affirmations are
helping me feel
positive and strong.
I’m savoring each one

– Beth Falk

Introducing Affirmations & Incantations For Happiness!

Get these powerful cards and our multimedia program to help undo years of subconscious negative programming!

After a long process of meditation and intuitive work our CHE Chief Happiness Engineer Joseph channeled and created 31 positive affirmations focusing on areas like health, relationships, self-confidence, inner peace, abundances and happiness. The program includes a set of cards, the book (by digital download), eBook, audio book and audio affirmations, multimedia slideshow and more!  All designed to help you begin to replace the years of self-sabotaging negative thinking patterns that hold you and all of us back from living life on our terms! Read more!

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Happy Cards!

You can share a moment of sincere kindness and appreciation with people to feel and share more happiness in your world!

Introducing A New! Fun Tool For Your Happiness & Personal Transformation!

What if we could put our phones down just long enough to pick someone’s hopes up and lift their spirits?

Imagine if you could stop the negativity, stress and anxiety in your life while helping other people like your family members, coworkers, or “strangers” in your community! You’ll be amazed at how powerful a sincere moment of human kindness is to transform in a positive way how you think, and feel each day. And you can be part of the growing kindness movement! Read more!

Updates From The Blog

To be happy take a step back

How many times have I felt upset by what I read either in an email or on some social media timeline and felt my heart rate increase, my breathing get rapid and felt my hands almost moving by themselves to fire off an angry post, tweet or reply?  Too many...

Grow Your Circles Of Compassion

HOW TO PROTECT AND EXPAND OUR CIRCLES OF COMPASSION By Joseph Segal The purpose of Happy Cards is to expand opportunities to experience compassion and shared kindness.  Sometimes in our modern life on the Internet we run into disagreements with people.  This can make...

Cecilia Makes The World Sing

Today I went shopping at my favorite store Costco.  I love it because the people there are always so nice and the fact that they feed me snacks when I shop doesn't hurt either! lol I was in line checking out my food and things I bought and saw this smiling...

Being happy!

  Why do I, why do we feel so much pressure to achieve things so that at the end of a day we judge ourselves? Every day we have to get a lot done, or do big things to feel good about ourselves. Have you ever wondered why we feel this pressure to do more and more? We...

What are Happy Cards?

 Hello! I'm Joseph Segal. I created these colorful little thank you cards I call Happy Cards to share a bit of kindness with people I see around my community. It is my way of doing what I can to make a difference and to help people feel good again.  Happy...

Live life as an example of human kindness!

BE A LIGHT OF KINDNESS! How many of us can relate to being isolated as kids because we were different and as a result made "fun" of? Too many of us can I'm afraid.  People today may be all grown up but we are still isolating each other for our...