I Am Affirmations

Remember, you are all of the things you’re about to read below. I invite you to not just read them but say them aloud or say them silently to yourself if you prefer.  The great writer Ralph Waldo Emerson said “You become what you think about all day long”. Our thoughts drive our emotions and our actions. Whatever we focus on expands. Whatever we give our energy to expands! Most of all it is important to accept and embrace love, self-love, and compassion because we are at our essence love. It is what makes us and the Universe each moment.  I hope this simple I AM Affirmation Tool helps you focus more on loving thoughts for yourself and others. Use it to take a break from stress, worries, and anxiety. Share it with friends. You are loved and you are love.  Thank you!

Joseph Segal, Chief Happiness Officer at HappyCards.pro

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