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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny is an inspiring educational course sharing some of the core secrets of the law of attraction. You'll get a chance to learn some of the most powerful practices and principles that people use to bend reality in ways that support their hopes and dreams in life.  I think you'll find this course inspiring, informative and helpful. 

You are more powerful than you think, stronger than you realize and creating your life in amazing ways right this second.  This course will share some personal examples of how the author has experienced the law of attraction and why it worked.  You can use these stories as an opportunity to explore the power of your own consciousness when focused in alignment with your core mission in life. 

Course Outline

Welcome Here's what you get from this course.
Unit Sections:

  1. Introduction video.
  2. An introduction to the Law Of Attraction.

The Power Of Seeking Clarity To Change Your Life.
Unit Sections:

  1. Your vision will become a powerful magnet that pulls you into it!
  2. Learn to create, open and enter visible and invisible doors to your success!
  3. The power of using images to reinforce your new vision!
  4. Using affirmations to create waves of change inside you and around you & how to make them really work.
  5. How writing your story can change your life's story for you! Use this technique.

How To create your Manifestation Dream Team.

  1. Take these steps to begin manifesting your dream team.

Using The Miracle Check Tool

  1. Miracle Check tool video

Creating Your Action Attraction Plan

  1. Taking The Action Attraction Steps To Empower Your Manifestations.

The Final Thing You Absolutely Need To Know For This To Work!

  1. Here's Why Letting Go Is So Rewarding!
  2. A Personal And Amazing Illustration Of Manifestation.
Instructor:  Joseph Segal
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