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Make more money and make a difference in your life and other’s lives by selling Affirmations & Incantations For Happiness an amazing new self-improvement program! More than a beautiful actual printed set of affirmation cards, the customer gets a full multimedia program designed to help them experience real positive breakthroughs in their life!  

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Affiliate marketing, how does it work?

Making more money with affiliate marketing is simple!  You sign up for this program. You recieve a unique url/link  and every time someone clicks on your link and comes to our site and purchases something you get paid!  All you need to do is tell people about the power of affirmations and our program and use your link to direct them to get it! Simple! 

Do we have a sales funnel?

Yes! A sales funnel is a series of offers of valuable products or services so the customer can keep buying more of what they need and want. Once you direct your site visitor to us and they purchase Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness they’ll see an offer for a new course in the Law Of Attraction called Manifest Destiny!  It’s the perfect upsell or add-on for anyone who buys our affirmations program! And it’s attractively priced at only $199 so it’s very affordable.  As our affiliate partner you will get half 50% of every purchase! 

Sales Funnel ($149.24 potential earnings)

Affiramtions And Incantations For Happiness $99 (50% Commission)

Upsells to:

Manifest Destiny Law Of Attraction Course $199.47 (50% Commission)

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Customer Profile/Avatar

Who is the ideal customer to get your offer in front of?

  • Mostly female 35-60 years old although younger audiences work well too.
  • College graduate or some college.
  • Works too many hours feels they have no time to enjoy life.
  • Has relationship worries and problems.
  • Has financial stress from college loans, kids, and credit card debt.
  • Has tried or practices Yoga.
  • Watches Oprah’s Own Network & Soul Sunday shows.
  • Meditates occasionally.
  • Shops at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or Sprouts.
  • Has impostor syndrome or self-doubt issues.
  • Wants to start a business.
  • Reads Cosmopolitan & People magazines.
  • Uses Instagram.
  • Struggles with body image and weight loss.
  • Is stressed out by politics on social media and television.

Who can benefit from this product:

  • People in stressful workplaces & careers.
  • Schools and students of ALL ages.
  • Busy stressed-out moms and dads.
  • Entrepreneurs building their dreams.
  • Anyone working on improving their lives.
  • Corporate wellness programs.
  • People in recovery programs.
  • Life coaches.
  • Yoga teachers and students.
  • Anyone whose ever let stress hold them back.


Here’s what the customer And you get!*
As an affiliate you’ll get a complete program sent to you on your request 30 days your first verified sale.

  1. A beautifully printed physical set of 31 affirmation cards.
  2. An Instructional eBook.
  3. An Audio Book teaching the secrets of using these unique affirmations effectively.
  4. A Multimedia Slide Show of Affirmations.
  5. An Audio file of the affirmations.
  6. A Mind Map tool showing how and where to use each affirmation.
  7. A worksheet download teaching how to change negative events into positive outcomes.


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Download the sets below of beautiful inspirational banner images to share on your social media networks using your affiliate link.  Add some of your own personal thoughts about the affirmations featured in the images and help people understand how great it feels to use these affirmations each day! That’s how you’ll make more money and help more people!

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Text Snippets

The stress of daily life is not inevitable! Using these positive affirmations and affirmation images can help us find peace and even build self-confidence. Take a look!

Money problems! Family problems! Relationship problems! Does it all get too much? Then throw in the stressful news every day too! Using positive affirmations can help. Read about it here and see for yourself.

The thing I love about this program is even though the affirmation cards are awesome, there’s so much more that comes with them to help me stay centered and have less stress every day. It’s quite magical. Check it out!

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