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You get to choose your own focus. During these often scary and difficult times, we are presented with angry complaining people and scary things on our phones and timelines every day.
And if you’re like me and in this area of life most people are, you spend hours and hours a day looking at your screen.

Take it from me, life goes by very quickly. It goes by faster than we realize especially when we are younger!
One thing we all should value right now is our health and living a healthy and hopefully happy life.

So let’s take a look at what many healthier people focus on and do more of in life.
We have added many of these things to our new Happiness Mindful Gratitude Journal so people can have a daily guide to help them add more good health and happiness to their lives. It’s really a cutting edge powerful journal designed to help us create habits of mindfulness (being here now), kindness and gratitude, three things that social science has found support a happier healthier life.

Things healthier people do:

+ Meditate
+ Stay present (mindful)
+ Express gratitude
+ Help others
+ Drink a lot of water
+ Move more
+ Complain less
+ Give people sincere compliments
+ Thank people
+ Look for the things and people you’re grateful for & take note of it
+ Take breaks especially from screens
+ Balance learning things with creating things
+ Hug, three times a day for optimum happiness
+ Keep a journal and write in it daily
+ Visualize success
+ Speak kindly to self & others
+ Focused deep breathing time
+ Eat nutritious foods
+ Create things to share with the world
+ Focus on what matters most
+ Be kind to oneself & others
+ Forgive more
+ Cooperate with others
+ Embrace difficulties & challenges as lessons
+ Spiritual practices, pray, affirmations, chant,
+ Listen to the music they enjoy

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What else would you add to this list?  Let me know in the comments below!
Please share this list if you find it of value. Thank you!

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