All my life people in authority have said life isn’t about doing what you want or love, it’s about doing what you must do. You’ll probably hate your job and life will be hard but that’s normal Joe. Just get used to it.

In my gut, I could feel that this didn’t seem at all like living to me. It seemed like a recipe for unhappiness and bad health.

All my life throughout school, including college, life was telling me to fit in. Not fitting in was punished in a variety of ways. It turns out human beings are tribal in nature and the last thing we want is to be left out or cast out. So, we have a very strong drive to belong. We have a strong drive to do what other people are doing. We are encouraged to wear what other people are wearing, to work hard to make lots of money so we can buy stuff and eventually be happy and able to enjoy life like the happy people we see on Instagram or television.

It occurred to me that all my life I was reading the wrong operating manual for life because everyone else was reading it and I was wondering why nothing was working, not the way I wanted life to work.

The money came and money went over and over again and it seemed to make me happy for a while, but not for very long. Between those moments of temporary happiness were long periods of great stress and unhappiness surrounded mostly by lots of other people who were stressed out and living unhappy, unfulfilling lives.

In this new mass communication age that is thirsty for content to sell, we are learning that the world will reward us for being who we really are, for being authentic and sharing our life’s journey with others.

So, it turns out that fitting in in a world where we were meant to stand out was a bad goal after all. I learned that if I love myself unconditionally, I can get through just about anything life throws my way and attract the experiences I want to have in my life. Because if I love myself enough to fail or be unpopular and even to be alone, then life becomes joyfully abundant in all the types of prosperity that really matter.

When you love yourself unconditionally you can begin to tell and share your story with others. There are many ways to tell the world your story, to share what you love and are passionate about. The important thing is loving yourself and not judging yourself sets you free to live life and share your story. I encourage you to pursue your passions and live life in ways that light the fires of your spirit. Let your dreams pull you forward in life each day, even if it’s just a tiny bit forward you’re going in the right direction with a joyful heart.

If you can share your journey with challenges and flaws, with triumphs and breakthroughs, you’ll touch people’s lives and people will reward you in a variety of ways.

The act of sharing your story and connecting with others is healing and rewarding all by itself. You can do it in person with one person at a time, while participating in a group, on your own blog, on Facebook or Youtube, or perhaps by writing your own book. You can tell your story through your career and or business too. Here are five ways you can reach out by being your 100% authentic self in ways that can create a happier more successful life.

  1. Write your story! You and every one of us have a unique story to tell based on our life experiences, the challenges we have faced in the past and those we face today.  Giving your story a voice, your voice, is very liberating and enlightening as it often presents us with lessons and insights we have previously overlooked. What’s more, beyond the opportunity to learn more from our own story we can give countless other people a chance to see themselves in our story and hopefully to understand that they are not alone in theirs. It’s amazing how many lives we touch by sharing who we are and what’s in our heart. By being our authentic and vulnerable selves, we create ripples of change that most of us will never see. And helping others is very rewarding in many ways.
  2. Go live! Tell your story on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram or whatever app you feel most comfortable on. The act of being visible is empowering and liberates us from our fear of not being perfect. Find a life lesson you’ve learned, or you’re struggling with and share it with a video. It’s best to pick one time of the day and a regular day of the week to release your video so people can count on tuning in and sharing your story with you.
  3. Join a group. Online communications are very meaningful to many people and they are important, but it is vitally important the we engage in person with new people on a regular basis.  The website presents numerous opportunities to join groups on any number of topics. You can even start your own group on a topic you love and want to share with others! Join a group and when you meet people practice being 100% present with them and find ways to show you care about their interests and stories. Being present is one of the greatest gifts you can share.  And when the time presents itself, share your story with others and you’ll find like-minded people you never would have met before.  Every new person is like a new book we open and a new story to learn from and it widens our perspective in life in ways that make us better people.
  4. Write a book. It’s easier today than ever before to write and self-publish a book. Write a page every day about something you care deeply about. Write about your own life’s journey and experiences. Have fun with it!  Forget about being perfect. It is our imperfections that make us perfectly who we are!
  5. Be aware of people around you as you live your life. When you go shopping, out to eat, or you go to the doctor’s office, share a smile with people around you. Find something genuinely and sincerely positive about what you appreciate to share with someone. Perhaps they have a bright shining smile you can let them know how much that helps you feel better. Maybe they’re attentive parents bringing their young one’s shopping and you can complement them on what a great family they have. Be on the lookout for things to appreciate, people to appreciate and compliments to share. It will open the door to amazing experiences, and it will help create a kinder more compassionate world too!

And while you’re telling your story make sure you keep living your story. Do something creative every day. Draw or doodle it helps relieve stress and improve our cognitive abilities. Find someone to help and be kind to every day. Try something risky you know you’ll fail in but do it anyway and see what you learn. Go somewhere new just to see what you can notice and who you can meet. Ask someone about their story and be 100% present with them! Make your story one that is full of life and living.

Storytelling is very powerful. Write and live your own story while you live your own life! Make it a loving, creative, story and life!

Please share your experiences with pressures to fit in and taking risks to be a person and live a life that affirms who you are and what you love. Thank you!

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Written by Joseph Segal,
Creator of Happy Cards at

Joseph Segal is a writer and the product engineer behind the happiness & kindness focused startup He spent over 30 years studying personal growth and development from Shamanism to NLP and now devotes his time to creating tools and content promoting compassion and kindness to help people improve our lives and our world.