Affirmations: Your Master Guide To Using Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help you learn to enjoy a happier, healthier and more successful life. Isn’t that what we all want? We want to find more and lasting happiness. We want to overcome our health problems, and we want to achieve our goals to build the life we dream of. The problem is we keep experiencing many of the same problems and obstacles to our goals day after day, month and year after year. We struggle with money problems or losing enough weight or getting ahead financially.  These struggles are a normal part of life. We all face obstacles in life. Nobody said it would be easy. But for many of us some of our greatest obstacles don’t come from other people or events but from within our own minds.

You can use affirmations to help quit your negative inner critical voice and to begin feeling stronger and more peaceful every day. It is not as simply as just saying “I am happy” over and over again. You can learn to create a process you use to amplify for your strengths and your best life memories while writing a new script for your mind that encourages you and empowers you.

Techniques and tools for wellness and health like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, chanting, writing a journal and others all work well with the practice of reciting positive affirmations. In fact you can make a meditation out of reciting your own affirmations and use this meditation any time and any place to help you find peace and inner strength.

When we tap into our happy life memories we can manage and shift our emotional state in ways that empower us live healthier and more successful lives. That is why we created our book Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness, to help teach people how really make affirmations work well and make our lives work better.

The problem with negative thinking.

Do you ever notice that internal voice that’s always chattering away at you? It tells you stories about what you hear and see other people doing and makes assumptions about other people’s intentions and feelings towards us. It can often be very harsh and unkind telling us things like “things never work out for me”, “maybe I’m just not supposed to be happy” or “why does everyone else get the good breaks except me?” We hear these negative stories our mind tells us and that drives how we feel.

When we hear and think negative thoughts, we bring up negative feelings and sometimes negative memories which themselves lead to more negative feelings. Some of these feelings include loneliness, anger, resentment, envy, anxiety and sadness. This leads to a type of negativity cascade that can lead to anxiety disorders and even to depression.

affirmations for stress

Those negative stories and thoughts about ourselves and others that our mind tells us, those are a type of affirmation. Those stories and statements are negative affirmations. They create patterns and habits of thinking and acting that very often lead us to self-destructive behavior like drinking, overeating, acting out in anger or just becoming stuck in self-doubt. These negative stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how life works are in large part products of our subconscious mind and they operate as if on autopilot.

The way we counter these negative thought and emotion habits is through intentionally and repetitively creating a new conversation in our mind that is kind, supportive, constructive and encouraging to us. We essentially take the inner-critic and tell it to go sit in a corner, and we amplify a new voice that we like to call our “inner-ally”.

What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a declarative statement usually spoke out loud which projects our intentions and desires for our life. Affirmations can help us when our sincere intentions align with what we truly care about ie our core values in life. When we state our intentions out loud it resonates throughout our entire being and begins to change our emotional state. This process can help us change our we feel and our emotional state of being is one of the biggest influences on the actions we take in life. It’s also how we often assess our well being and success.

One of the most important benefits of positive affirmations is they give us a powerful tool to use to change how we feel. Our feelings lead us to either go within and do nothing, this can sometimes take the form of sadness or depression, or to take a positive action in life.

If you want to help yourself feel better more often and begin to achieve things you have never been able to achieve before, practicing and using positive affirmations can help you make real progress! We can choose to mindfully take responsibility for our life, our thoughts and emotions. We can practice taking proactive steps to be a positive influence for how we experience our own life. 

Isn’t this just tricking my mind?

Yes, this is just like tricking your mind. That’s what we do all the time right now, only the affirmations most of us use without consciously being aware of doing so are negative affirmations. For example, we tell ourselves things like “I can’t learn this!” or “I’ll never make enough money!”. Those negative affirmations are tricking our mind into not recognizing our proven ability and track record of being able to learn many things and being able to make enough money for example.

Those daily self-doubts and worries and other ways we sabotage our happiness are essentially our Ego feeding our fears and doubts so we can feel better about not achieving the life we truly desire but do not see yet.

Positive affirmations create a new story we tell ourselves that creates a new blueprint in our brains to map our feelings and behaviors to. In order to make these instructions work and take root in our mind, we need to create a strong belief in them. We need to create the mental images and feelings and even memories that wire our brains in new ways that support our true desires.

Positive affirmations are not intended to make our inner critical voice go away forever, it won’t. Positive affirmations however are extremely useful to create a new kind, encouraging and helpful voice that will become present in us when we are facing the most stressful times in our life.

I’ve said affirmations before, and they don’t work.

Positive affirmations are a tool. Like any tool, one needs to learn how to use it in order to fix or build whatever you’re working on. In this case you are working on creating positive progress and improvements in your life. So, rest assured, positive affirmations do work, they will work, when you learn how to work them.

Trying positive affirmations once or a few times and saying hey, I don’t’ feel happy this doesn’t work is like going to the gym a couple times and complaining you haven’t lost weight or gained huge muscles.

Affirmations Are Like Good Mental Hygiene.

Over the last 200 years we have doubled our life expectancy because of learning and using proper health hygiene like washing our hands, brushing our teeth, bathing, and water and waste sanitation.

With all the increasing levels of stress related disease and illness today what we need to learn and teach others is how to use proper mental health hygiene. Mental hygiene practices like meditation and affirmations can help us in the same way that physical hygiene keeps us all healthier and living longer. Part of proper mental health hygiene is training oneself to habitually think and feel empowered, self-compassionate and yes to think positively. Reciting affirmations helps us to train our minds to be more resilient to stress.

We learned to wash our hands before we prepare and eat food for example. I invite you to imagine creating a habit of saying a positive affirmation before you engage on the Internet with people through social media.

Just imagine all the stress and misunderstandings that you’ve already experienced using social media. When we set our intentions to create positive experiences and relationships with others before we engage with them, we enter into these experiences with more inner-peace and more of an ability to withstand stress.

Affirmations for compassion.

Saying positive affirmations is an exercise in self-love and self-compassion. Affirmations are essentially positive self-talk. And as we’ve discussed often times our inner dialogue is anything but kind, in fact we can be harder on ourselves than we would ever allow anyone else to be.

Before I begin to use the Internet, I will recite an affirmation that goes something like this;

“Infinite loving Universe, I welcome guidance and wisdom in all my interactions on the Internet today. I allow inner peace to fill me with calm as I communicate with others today.”

Now you can use this affirmation and invocation of calm and add it to your daily routine before you pick up your phone and start using social media, or you can write your own in your own words.

In the same way you can create an affirmation to create compassion at work, or as you enter new places full of new people. What you’re doing is training your mind to look for the positive in situations and people and when we look for things, we tend to find them.

By choosing to engage in the practice of using positive affirmations you are prioritizing compassion in your life. The benefits of doing so are plentiful and ongoing.

What affirmations can I use now?

You can find many terrific collections of positive affirmations you can start using today to create more inner-peace, calm and success in your life. You can find positive affirmations for success, positive affirmations for happiness, positive affirmations for love, positive affirmations for work, positive affirmations for self-confidence, positive affirmations for weight loss and many others. We will help you get started by sharing some of the best we’ve found so far so you can create a happier healthier and more successful life.

Will affirmations help me feel better?

You can learn to teach yourself to feel better while using affirmations and affirmations can help you feel better too. In the book Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness the author explains that when we tap into the emotions that come from our past happy experiences in life we can connect those feelings to the affirmations we say. By connecting our happiest memories and the feelings they bring up for us to our affirmations we create a mental shortcut that can help us have those happy emotions again and again.

What happy memories can you access now? Do recall times when you felt deeply loved? Do you remember playing with your friends when you were younger? Do you remember your first kiss or first love?  These types of memories help generate happy chemicals called hormones in our brain that help us to feel good. You can begin to feel better the more you retrieve these memories and do your daily affirmations for happiness.

Positive affirmations you can use now!

Here are some of the best positive affirmations we have found that can help you begin to feel better and live better. I encourage you to visit their websites to explore those that speak to you.

Affirmations For Happiness

Affirmations for happiness can inspire positive thoughts and feelings that help you or your loved ones who you share them with to create a resistance to stress and a sense of inner peace. Here are some affirmations for happiness you can recite to create more positive self-compassionate feelings. When you recite them take a moment to remember times in your recent or distant past when you recall feeling happy and tap into those feelings. Breathe deeply and slowly and allow yourself to smile as you say them. You might choose to place your hand on your heart as your recite them. This helps connect your energy from your mind to your body.

I am a naturally happy person!

I am confident in my ability to succeed in achieving all my goals and desires.

I am noticing more happy coincidences in my life every day!

The Universe supports my happiness and sends me the help I need to achieve my dreams!

I am the type of person who never lets stress get me down.

For more about how to use affirmations to create more happiness, peace and success in your life you can visit the source of these affirmations above here.

Affirmations For Children

Children today have more stress than ever. And with the advent of social media they can often take their anxiety from things like bullying home with them. Affirmations can help young people learn to create a self-compassionate voice to give them strength when times are difficult. It can help to teach them to create their own way of looking at life that supports self-confidence and increases happiness.

affirmations for kids

Here are some affirmations we found for you that are good to share with children.

  • I love listening to you
  • I will always believe in you
  • I will have a good day
  • I am loved
  • I am strong
  • I can control my emotions
  • I can breathe through my anxiety
  • I am slow to anger
  • I forgive myself
  • I forgive others
  • I can overcome anything that stands in my way
  • I have control over my negative thoughts
  • I am beautiful
  • I help others
  • I am safe

Using affirmations that start with “I’ like I am safe and loved” for example is very powerful. It sets our intention and claims our identity in light of who we are and want to be.

Read more excellent ideas and suggestions about how to help children create a habit of positive thinking with positive affirmations at this terrific site

Affirmations For Women

These affirmations for women can actually help all of us to create more self-confidence and self-compassion.  I love the one about letting go of whatever no longer serves me. It’s so important to realize we can let go of things that hold us back from being healthy and happy.

“Overcome self-sabotage & kick the negative self talk to the curb with the power of positive affirmations. Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” -Oprah Winfrey

Affirmations for women

Find more great affirmations and information for women’s health from the creators of these terrific affirmations here

Affirmations for mornings!

It is very important to start your day with a positive feeling and thought because this sets a tone for the entire rest of our day. We have previously shared techniques for success morning rituals that include a series of positive morning affirmations on our website. But these are terrific affirmations as well and a great way for anyone of any age to start their day.

affirmations for mornings

Here are the first 10 affirmations for mornings from where you can find more helpful information about using positive affirmations to reprogram your life for happiness and success.


Start every day by claiming your intention to feel good and create good in the world! Embrace self-love and self-confidence will flow from that. You are worthy of love and good health and success! You really are! Here are some of our affirmations for mornings we’ve created just for you:

  • I get the feeling that this is destined to be a happy, healthy and great day.
  • I feel strongly that I am allowing and manifesting great people and experiences coming into my life today.
  • I expect happy miracles to show up today.
  • Every challenge I face today will help me achieve my goals.
  • I will recognize and honor all my feelings today, and I will keep taking another step forward whatever happens.

We highly recommend that you practice writing and using your own affirmations to start your day with a positive tone that carries through your entire day!

Affirmations are very useful for clarifying our intention and amplifying our energy. If we work every day to write about how we feel and what we want in our life, we can learn to change our emotional states in ways that support our health and happiness.

It’s very helpful to keep an affirmations journal and write your own affirmations. It is also helpful to write whatever thoughts and memories come up while we are reciting our affirmations. This helps us to get in touch with areas of our life we can learn from and discover where we need to work on ourselves more.

Affirmations can change our life in ways that will appear magical to us. We often tend to see “happy coincidences” appear and get messages from the Universe in signs and symbols appearing in our daily life. This is because we are elevating our consciousness and seeing with new eyes. When we learn to trust our intuition and inner voice we can hear guidance that can help us make good choices in our life.

Positive Affirmations for Sleep

Many people have problems being able to get a good night’s sleep. Often we let the problems of our day create negative cascades of anxiety producing thoughts that come to mind as we lay in bed at night staring at the ceiling.

Just as it is important to start our day with positive energy and thoughts, it is also important end our day by creating a sense of peace and self-love that prepares us for a restful regenerative night’s sleep.

Here are some affirmations you can use just before you’re going to sleep at night.

Affirmations for sleep

I release the day

I only hold on to positive feelings from today

I have done my best for today

I let the day’s excitement drift away

I am thankful for today

Sleep is a natural process

I feel comfortable and at peace

I am allowed to fall asleep

My bedroom is a sleep sanctuary

I am entering a deep sleep

I always sleep well

My mind feels calm and serene

I deserve this rest

I can sleep whenever I choose

My sleep is peaceful

I sleep all through the night

Sleep comes easily to me

I am falling into a restful sleep

If you’d like to read the rest and find more success with getting rest then you can visit for more. We hope you will have very happy peaceful dreams and restful nights when you begin to use positive affirmations before bedtime.

Affirmations for moms.

Here are some terrific affirmations for mothers. There are many challenges to being a mom in today’s world and all of them can produce large amounts of stress and anxiety.  Creating a habit of focusing on self-loving empowering thoughts helps us be more resilient to stress and worries.

Affirmations For Moms

Here are some helpful affirmations from the Meraki Lane site.

  1. I am realizing my dreams
  2. I am full of love and goodness
  3. All my dreams are coming true
  4. I choose joy
  5. I am relaxed and happy
  6. I am surrounded by beauty and grace
  7. I am brave and I am strong
  8. Everything is okay
  9. I forgive myself and those around me
  10. I love myself and treat myself with the kindness I deserve
  11. I’m a leader in my field
  12. Great ideas come to me effortlessly
  13. I enjoy the journey of self-improvement
  14. I am brave and strong
  15. I am worth it

And here are some affirmations for mothers that we have created to share with you!

I love my life, my family beings me great joy.

I embrace today’s happy miracles.

I am capable and strong enough to deal with any challenges today.

I accept myself and love myself just as I am. I am enough.

Love fills my life and surrounds me today.

My children’s love fills me with joy and strength.

Today is a great day for all of my happy healthy family.

If you want to find more resources about learning how to use affirmations to change your life and achieve the happy healthy life you desire, you can explore our blog at and our brand new Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness total wellness program.

Here are more helpful affirmations you can use now.

These are affirmations written by the the creators of the new total wellness program Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness. We hope you will try and use these affirmations and share them with your loved ones, your friends and co-workers.  You can copy and paste them in your emails or share them on social media.

When you say them aloud, allow yourself to smile and tap into positive memories and feelings you’ve enjoyed recently or in your past. This helps to anchor your affirmations in your mind.

It is especially helpful to use affirmations that align with your own strongest core values in life. These values might include honesty, kindness, family or perhaps a connection to your higher power by whatever name works for you.

Using these guidelines for making affirmations work you can begin to write your own affirmations. Writing affirmations helps to install them in your subconscious mind so they can become omnipresent in your life! Studies have shown than actually writing them preferably in script on a piece of paper as opposed to your phone or computer helps to tap into and work with your subconscious mind.

You deserve love, good health and success. You matter! You do not need to live with fear, anger, self-doubt or depression. You can learn to create more compassionate and loving feelings in your life and focus your energy to create the life experiences that are the most fulfilling to you. Using affirmations can become a fun and enjoyable part of your life. Here are some completely unique affirmations we’ve written just for you!

I love my life and my life brings me loving kind people every day.

I am honest with myself and others and appreciate honest caring people.

I am safe, secure, and loved. The Universe has my back today.

I’ve got this! I face my challenges with courage and love.

Today’s lessons may be difficult, but I appreciate the opportunity to grow.

This deep breath I take brings me to the here and now where I make life happen.

Kindness is my core value in life. I am kind to myself and others because that’s who I am.

I am guided and supported by my higher power today.

Peace flows to me and through me with every breath and step today.

I love myself enough to let the little things go today.

My past reminds me of the great gift of life that is the present.

I am filled with courage and energy because my mission in life is worthwhile.

Happiness flows inside me like a river of love that carries to success.

I surpass my fears and problems today as I’ve done every day in my life so far.

I am a good and kind person and I love and appreciate myself.

I find something good in everything I do and everyone I meet.

I know there’s a lesson in every challenge that is guiding me to improve.

I am a naturally happy and loving person.

I attract great opportunities and good fortune to me today.

I do the things I need to do easily, and they give me strength and confidence.

Every breath I take brings me peace and good health.

My creativity creates joy and good fortune in my life.

I love and embrace prosperity as it flows to and through me.

I am worthy of good fortune and prosperity.

I am a servant of good in the world and it flows to and through me.

Love fills my heart with joy and heals my deepest wounds.

I release any ties to negative events or people and send them love and forgiveness.

I can easily see solutions and have the courage to face my fears today.

When I fall down, I allow myself to rest and rise up with new vitality.

I am kind and compassionate to myself, I am a good person who deserves love.

I breath deeply and slowly appreciating the precious gift of this moment.

Creativity brings me prosperity and great health in all that I do.

If you enjoy these affirmations please use them as often as possible. Please share them with your loved ones, friends, and co-workers.  And get our latest book and wellness program to teach you how to make the best use of affirmations to overcome your negative life patterns and really enjoy a healthy prosperous life today. May all your words and thoughts and deeds align with your highest principles and desires!


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