Positive affirmations can help you learn to enjoy a happier, healthier and more successful life. Isn’t that what we all want? We want to find more and lasting happiness. We want to overcome our health problems and we want to achieve our goals to build the life we dream of. The problem is we keep experiencing many of the same problems and obstacles to our goals day after day, month and year after year. Anyone of us who is constantly struggling to keep up with bills and get ahead knows what it’s like to feel trapped in a cycle of money problems. Most of us know how hard it is to loose another ten or more pounds or deal with constant health issues that make our lives difficult. These struggles are a normal part of life. We all face obstacles in life. Nobody said it would be easy. But for many of us some of our greatest obstacles keep repeating over and over again in our life.  We feel stuck! We need to feel better and do better but we just aren’t making the progress we want.

This is because our subconscious mind the part of our mind’s consciousness that is below our normal awareness is very powerful. It seeks to keep us stable, kind of just like a thermostat in our homes keeps the temperature at whatever we set it to so we can be comfortable. Our subconscious mind forms a story of who we think we are whether we are a person with money or with money problems, a person who always suffers bad relationships or a happily married person and so on. And it does whatever it can knowing who WE think we are now to keep us just like that. Change is scary to most of us and to our subconscious mind too so it keeps us fearing change, fearing going beyond our comfort zone in life. But real growth and opportunity always lies outside our comfort zone!

So how do we make real progress in our lives? How do we stop having the weight and health problems or the financial crises we keep having year after year? One way is to get to the roots of what is referred to as our “mindset”. Our mindset is our view of our self and who we are in the world. It is our view of how the world works. Is it a fair world, a happy and healthy one with mostly good people? Or do we see it as an unkind unfair world? Is money good? Or is money the “root of all evil” as some may believe?  These core life views can free us to be who we are and want to become or they can imprison us in a life of struggle and unhappiness. So having a healthy positive mindset is vitally important for each of us.

Studies show that optimists actually have a longer lifespan than pessimists do! That’s right. Looking at life as an opportunity for growth and way to share and give to the world, being a kind hopeful type of person who expects things to work out actually influences our health and longevity.  One way to work on overcoming our negative mindset and creating a positive healthier mindset is through using positive affirmations.

What is an affirmation. An affirmation is a declarative statement usually spoke out loud which projects our intentions and desires for our life. For example you might say or write:

I am a person who loves learning and I learn life’s lessons well!

I allow the good around me and inside me to expand and grow filling my life with happiness today.

I feel loved and supported by people and I love and support myself.

These are great positive affirmations for self-compassion. It is very important to cultivate an inner voice of compassion. Many times we hear a critical voice in our minds beating ourselves up for perceived mistakes we have made in life.  Sometimes especially when we are in stress that inner voice can treat us worse and say harsher things to ourselves than we would ever allow another person to say to us or that we would ever say to another person. We might thing things like “I’m so stupid! Why didn’t I say this or that” or maybe “I’m never going to find love and happiness”.  Maybe we hear a conversation about how we resent someone we know, work with or whom we knew in our past and that story in our head makes us upset all over again?

Positive affirmations help quiet down our inner critic voice and replace it with an inner ally voice that encourages us and is kind. We need to learn to become our own best friends and using positive affirmations is a terrific and powerful tool to cultivate that friendship.

Studies have found that affirmations work best when we align them with our core values in life. For example we might deeply value our family as being extremely important to us. So an affirmation that aligns with this core belief might be, “The love of my family and from my family fills me with strength and courage today!”.  Making sure we align our core values to our affirmations supercharges them and helps our mind retain the feeling and idea better. A core value might be the importance of honesty. So an affirmation that aligns with this could be “I am a thoughtful, considerate and honest person who attracts thoughtful, considerate honest people to my life.”

Our focus is very important in life. We cannot always control what happens to us in life. But we can learn to manage how we respond to what happens! It is in our ability to mindfully choose a healthy response to life’s event’s that empowers us to live happier, healthier and more successful lives. Our focus is our currency. It is how we “spend” our time and attention. If we want to have an enriching life then we need to invest our attention and focus wisely. Focusing on the feelings, the ideas and the outcomes we want to experience in our life helps us to keep moving towards manifesting them. Our energy attracts similar energy. So when we focus on our goals rather than our problems we open our awareness to more solutions and potential allies to solve our problems.

Positive affirmations for happiness program

Affirmations can help us harness our focus and achieve more inner peace in the face of life’s many difficulties.  There’s more to making affirmations work well and it takes practice. We share more insights and suggestions in our new book Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness. If you want your life to change and improve or to help those you love improve their lives and find more happiness, you will enjoy this book and the entire wellness program.

Creating a positive healthier mindset using positive affirmations helps create more feelings of self-confidence and self-compassion. This is important for all of us, but can be especially helpful to students, to performers, athletes, to business people, people with stressful jobs, children and their parents.

The more we regularly focus on the ideas and images of our life working the way we want it to work, the better we feel about these images the more we will overcome our subconscious blocks to letting ourselves create change. We are not trying to block all negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are part of life and normal. We want to acknowledge them and then move on towards a new thought, a healthier and happier thought that elevates our mod and energizes our life! Affirmations can help us do this.

When we feel stressed out over some incident we encounter we could have a go to positive affirmation like “”I am very upset about this thing that just happened. But I thank the Universe (higher power) for guiding me to something better now.”  We honor our feelings rather than suppress them. And we focus on moving forward to something better, to a better thought and a better feeling. That is our choice and power to do. We can take responsibility for own feelings and choose not to get stuck and dwell in negative thoughts or feelings but to keep going in life. We must not live in the past. It is the present where all our power and opportunities and good fortune can be found. Positive affirmations can help us be more mindful, enjoying our chosen thoughts and feelings in the hear and now. Use them to move out of stressful emotions like anger and resentment. Again its important to acknowledge our negative thoughts and feelings and equally important more more so to take action to move forward in life.

Thank you for reading about positive affirmations and how they can help you create a positive healthy mindset and achieve more of the life you desire.  What area of your life do you want to improve most? What affirmations have you tried before?

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