Why can’t you meet the right man or woman to fulfill your dreams for a romantic satisfying relationship? Why can’t you find someone who believes in your dreams and wants to invest in your new business or offers you a job you find rewarding and meaningful?  Of course the answer is you can! But why isn’t it happening yet?

Yet is a very powerful word you should keep handy because it creates a positive mindset. What the word yet implies is that you have the potential to accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams eventually, and it’s almost certain that you do! Life is a continuum of lessons learned and efforts made that produce a variety of outcomes that hopefully we learn and grow from.

When we start to look at our lives as a process of learning and growing rather than a to do list of accomplishments to succeed or fail at, we will experience more inner peace, more wellness and ultimately more success.

A great deal of our life experiences are influenced by the tens of thousands of thoughts we have every day, most of which are the same thoughts we’ve had the days before of which many tend to be negative thoughts.  Our brains have been wired to look for danger because over the thousands of years human beings have been around, being able to see things that pose danger and might for example eat us for lunch out in the wild determined who among us survived to create offspring and who did not.

Okay so knowing that we have a predisposition to look for things that we might fear or that pose a risk to us, one can see how we might want to keep everything the same and avoid new circumstances and changes in our lives. This is why many people in a bad even violent relationship will choose to stay in it rather than face the unknown that leaving represents.

How do we communicate with that part in our minds that seeks to keep us from experiencing change? It is a dialogue that happens in a type of whisper. It is happening below the conscious awareness in what is often referred to as our subconscious.  Wouldn’t it be great to change that dialogue from conversations that tell us that meeting a new person  or starting that new book we want to write might be a serious risk to us and instead change it to words of encouragement, hope and strength?

We can begin to help ourselves have more inner peace, courage and confidence by changing our subconscious conversations. This is sometimes referred to as postive self-talk or positive affirmations.  In reality we all use affirmations every day!  Most of us are using negative affirmations like “things never work out for me!” or “I never meet the right person!” These create a type of inner programming that reinforce our predisposition to fear change and ultimately fear our own happiness and success.

We’ve put together a comprehensive powerful and effective program to help you start to build a new inner conversation that reduces stress, anxiety and work and replaces it day by day with self-confidence, courage and self-compassion.  It’s called Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness. It includes a brief easy to read book and audio book detailing the secrets to making positive affirmations (self-talk) work for you so you can begin to attract the people and circumstances you want in your life and become happier each day.

Remember, we have tens of thousands of thoughts every day most of which were the same thoughts we had the pervious day and days before that. Most of these thoughts are negative fear based thoughts that act the way a governor in a car does, it keeps us going slow towards our goals and sometimes acts like brakes stopping us completely on the road to our happiness!

To overcome this and make progress in the areas of our life where we keep running into the same problems, meeting the same unhealthy romantic partners, having the same problems with money and debt, having the same problems with losing weight, we need to create new inner programming and release our true power to live a free and happy life.

If you’re still reading then I know this is resonating as true for you! If you want to begin to attract the kind, helpful and positive people into your life to help you achieve your goals then use the tools we have to free your mind.  If you want to build something you need the right tools, right? Of course! If you like me and many others experience being stuck in the same problems over and over again and want to create positive progress you can feel great about then start wit this free powerful affirmation tool. Get these free daily affirmations to begin to set yourself free!

Once you start using these as part of your daily routine to create a self-compassion mindset you will begin to feel and see more positive progress in your life including attracting the kind, healthy and happy people you want to attract to your life.

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