I am safe secure and loved, the Universe supports my health and happiness!

I am safe secure and loved the Universe supports my health and happiness!  I’ve found this affirmation to be truly powerful in my life. The feeling of fear and anxiety is prevalent among too many people today! I know. I’ve felt it too often myself. And I see it in the faces of people I know and meet all the time.

People are working harder and longer hours stressing out over money. People worry about our jobs, our careers, and our relationships feel the stress. Our children have more stress in schools than we did growing up.

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We all want to have a sense that we are safe and secure and have love in our lives to support us, all of us do. And that sense of security that comes from loving relationships, from having enough of everything we need gives us room to breathe and enjoy life!

Use this affirmation each morning and evening and whenever you feel stress and you’ll start to create a growing sense of security and peace to help you and help your loved ones get through the difficult times that come to all of us. It will help! It’s helped me and I use it myself every day.

As I wrote in our new book Affirmations And Incantations For Happiness, it is essential that we infuse our heart and soul, our emotional energy into our affirmations when we say them. This emotional energy helps write this new idea and intention into our subconscious mind where it can counter the inner critic that arises when we are stressed out.

It’s also important to use your imagination and visualize a time in your life when you truly felt safe and secure and loved when you say this affirmation. Think of a time when you were in the arms of a loved one hugging you tightly telling you they love you. Think of a time you felt loved and secure while you’re saying this powerful affirmation.

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