Do you want to make more money?  The answer is likely yes and why is that? For most of us it’s because we want freedom in our lives! That’s right, we want to have a chance to live our lives the way we want and not be tied down to stressful obligations and jobs that have little meaning or reward for us.  So what’s stopping you? It’s the same thing stopping most of us. It’s not a lack of opportunity or desire. It’s our inside game! Let me explain a bit more, I think you’ll get something of value if you stick with it and read this complete article.

There’s a saying that we make the average amount of money as the five people we spend the most time with. Why is this?  Essentially, our subconscious mind the part of our thinking that takes place in the background each day is always watching and listening. And it takes in what it sees and hears as a type of command just as if it were a smart speaker device like Alexa.

Our subconscious mind sees the world around us and the people we surround ourselves with and says to itself Ahh! This is reality! And like a thermostat in our home that cools or heats the house depending on the setting we give it; our mind creates thoughts that limit or expand our own money-making ability to reach the level it sees as our “normal”.

This is why it’s so very important to keep positive, kind, and successful people around oneself as much as possible. Doing so will help empower our thinking and reduce our self-limiting thoughts, it will improve our money game in much the same way playing golf with a more skilled player improves our golf game.

But we have a more powerful team of individuals that’s always with us yet always unseen. These are the ideas, the ways we see our place in the world that we have come to accept as our reality from the very earliest days of our life.

When we were children our minds were open to the world, soaking in all we saw and heard like sponges. We were essentially in a constant state of hypnosis, a relaxed state of mind where our mind was open to suggestions.

During this time, we watched and listened to the adults around us like our parents, our older siblings, and others we encountered. And when we watched and listened, we formed opinions and ideas about how things in our new world works. One of these things we learned about is money.

One of the most common sources of stress and fights in homes is money, and so it’s not uncommon for young children to hear their parents argue about money.

As for myself, I remember my father saying things like “the more you have, the more you owe.” Essentially, he was saying more money, more problems!

You may have heard things like “do you think money grows on trees?”
or worse perhaps in a moment of frustration someone said “you’re never going to amount to anything” striking at the heart of your self-worth at an early age.

These ideas and experiences take root in our subconscious minds and can create patterns of self-limiting behavior that repeat themselves throughout our adult lives. They can keep us stuck in unhealthy relationships or dead-end jobs that lead to debt and other money problems.

There’s a misunderstood saying that “money is the root of all evil’. This is another one of those ideas that sometimes takes residence in our subconscious minds and blocks us from experiencing financial success.

The actual saying is “the love of money is the root of all evil”.  Why is that? Because we are supposed to love people, not money. And the first person we need to love is ourselves!

Another wisdom saying from the Bible is to “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. Unless we learn to love ourselves, we cannot in turn be loving to our neighbor, to those we meet in life.

Many people in the world of entrepreneurship and business have written about the importance of something called one’s “mindset”. A mindset is a way of looking at life and our place in it.

Frequently checking our conscious mindset to remind ourselves that we are on a path of self-improvement and not to fear failure is very important and helpful.

But there are things happening at a subconscious and less obvious or visible level in our lives. We must learn to address those if we want to create positive change and experience the good health, happiness and prosperity we all deserve.

When I was a boy my father used to teach me how to pull weeds in the yard. He would say “son, you need to get down to the roots and pull the weeds out by them or else they’ll just keep growing back.”

That is what we need to do with our subconscious self-limiting thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world. We must get down to the roots and pull them out!

Positive affirmations are self-empowering declarations. Using them can be a powerful tool to get to the roots of our own self-limiting thoughts and behaviors.

But we can’t just say things like “I’m happy, happy, happy!” or “I’m rich” and be happy and rich.  We need to address the roots of our early life programming and replace or overwrite those unhealthy ideas we absorbed with healthier ones.

We need to need begin to really love ourselves! We must see ourselves as worthy of good health, good relationships and all the goodness of life including more money.

Often times when we are stressed-out, we hear an echo of our early life and  our self-limiting thoughts bubble to the surface. We can hear a voice in our own heads, an inner critic that tells us we are not good enough. It might say we’re not as good as that other person working beside us, a competitor or maybe someone we see on social media.

Our system for using affirmations is not about removing our past ideas that hold us back. It is not about removing the inner critic. It is about creating a new encouraging loving voice inside us that we call our inner ally!

We can use affirmations to strengthen and amplify this new voice that resides deep within us such that when the inner critic comes around it begins to fade into the background. And our inner ally comes to the foreground where it is more noticeable.

It’s really important if you’re a businessperson, an athlete or anyone to have a good coach to help you improve and succeed. Every great athlete had a great coach. The best actors all had the best acting teachers.

When you begin to practice using daily affirmations effectively, they create a new inner ally, a new voice that becomes like a coach inside your own mind!

The best celebrities, actors or sports stars all put long hours of work into practicing their skills and crafts. This is because it takes action, it takes work to succeed. And that is why to make affirmations work for you it will take developing a daily practice so you can improve and become the superstar you were destined to be.

So here’s your chance to take action! Read the following affirmations with feeling and conviction. Say them aloud! Try placing your hand on your heart as you do so, this helps create a type of energy connection that helps. Say them as often as you can because it takes repetition to create that new inner ally that will guide you to more success!

I am grateful for all the prosperity and abundance circulating in my life!

Money and all forms of prosperity is a blessing I happily share with others.

The Universe brings me the resources I need when I need them because I live in a safe abundant world.

I release any blocks to the great prosperity and good fortune now on its way to me.

I am worthy of happiness, perfect health and loving relationships.

All of my financial needs are fully met by the compassionate, wise, loving Universe!

My income grows in proportion to my outflow of compassion and kindness.

I am grateful that I feel wealthy in every way that truly matters in life.

I let go of any negativity, resentments or debts tied to me and others and see us all living in abundant good health and happiness.

I easily create wealth and success in ways that support my health and happiness!

Now share this with someone you know, like and love. Share it with a friend, a co-worker, a partner, spouse or young person. Thank you!  Oh and make sure you get your free affirmations screensaver before you go!

Be Kind, Share This!

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