I was at a restaurant recently. Okay, maybe not so much a restaurant as it was a Five Guys hamburger joint. And I paid the cashier. He says “hows your day going?” Great I say, and I said thanks for caring. He smiled.

I said “Hows your day going?” Good he says as he fumbles with the money I hand him almost dropping it. He laughs and say “except I almost dropped all this money!”.

I said “well I’m sure your Guardian Angel was helping you.”

He smiles and says “Yes, probably so. (He smiles and looks up and says) Whisper to me louder Guardian Angel!”

I smiled to him and said “Listen more attentively!”

He laughs and says “You know what, you’re right! I will do more of that.”

It was just a nice exchange of small talk and joking around I like to do with people I meet, workers helping me or people in line with me. But there was something very kind and I think cosmic about this couple minutes of my life.

Whether we call it our Guardian Angel or our intuition, it’s good to listen more often.

Who knows, you might catch more money that way.  

Connecting with people from a place of kindness and caring opens up our heart and mind to the good in life. It also makes us available to hear our inner guidance and find inspiration. Then we can hopefully share that inspiration with others. That’s what inspiration is for after all.

One might ask why I choose a joke about a Guardian Angel for my lighthearted banter with the young hamburger stand worker. I can only tell you what my intuition tells me. It tells me that in my moment of kind appreciation of this young worker I was given a glimpse of the world just beyond what everyday reality appears to be. I saw or sensed a helpful spiritual presence around this person, his Guardian Angel.

My intuition tells me this happened because I was listening more attentively just as I joked around with the young man and advised him to do.

When we come from a place of kindness and appreciation when we interact with others, we are able to hear and see more of the truth in the world. And we are able to share more of the truth with the world.

This is why its so important and healing to us and the world around us to connect with other people in moments of kind appreciation. So we can reveal and share more of the good we see and find in life.  That is the core mission of Happy Cards our new venture in shared kindness. We see the magic in moments of human kindness and caring  and how empowering it is for everyone involved.

Smile more, its good for you and all around you. Look for moments to share a kind word of appreciation or kind hearted moment with people. It’s especially important to do so when we encounter people who are serving us working difficult 9-5 jobs. You’d be surprised how many people don’t see them as much more than parts of the store furniture or machines and treat them poorly. And we’re all carrying our own struggles in life no matter what work we do for a living. So take a deep breath, remember our mutual humanity and practice compassion and kindness. You’ll feel better, and we’ll all do better!

If you want to learn more about our Happy Cards tools for sharing kindness in the world and how it can help you, and or your academic or professional organization please reach out to contact us!

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