Have you ever heard a nagging negative inner voice telling you that you’re not good enough, or you can’t succeed in your dreams? We all have an inner critical voice. It comes from our subconscious mind and the programming we have created after many years of repetitive negative thinking!  Most of these thoughts and ideas were ingrained in our minds in our early formative years as children based on the words and deeds of our parents and other adults we saw around us.  And now as adults these negative patterns and self-beliefs can hold us down and keep us from giving life our very best and living a life we were born to live and enjoy!

How do we overcome that inner negative voice and start to become more kind to ourselves, start to believe in ourselves and have the grit and perseverance required to get through the tough parts of the journey we are on to become the person we dream of being?  You might have heard the term “mindset” before. The idea is we can have a new way of seeing our place in the world and that can become the foundation for a more successful life. So how do you get a new mindset you might ask?

Great question! One way is to use deeply stated often repeated positive statements that affirm the ideas, feelings and principles you want to live your life by. The more we focus on these positive affirmations and weave them into our thoughts and feelings the more we create a winning successful mindset to help us achieve our dreams. So are positive affirmations hard to do?Positive affirmations program reduces stress & grows happiness!

No! In fact anyone can use positive affirmations. This program here is a terrific collection of positive affirmations created to help you improve your life in multiple areas like self-confidence, reducing stress, having positive relationships and even manifesting positive happy coincidences or serendipity in your life. I hope you click over through this banner and take a look at Affirmations & Incantations For Happiness now. It’s a terrific program and tool for happiness that I think can help anyone from children in school to senior citizens, from students to CEO’s and other professionals.

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