The more we rage at what scares and hurts us without forgiving ourselves and whoever harmed us, the sicker we get. Anger and pain is real. We can feel it and free it & free ourselves. One thought, one feeling, one deep breath at a time. It’s important not to dwell in darkness.

I sometimes feel anger and resentment at people and events from my past that bubbles up into my present creating moments or waves of anger and unhappiness. It’s what modern medicine calls PTSD.

When┬áthis happens I like to say to myself, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.” Each phrase releases the energy that was clinging to me more than the last one and adds to the healing of the next one.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I forgive you. I love you. Thank you.”

I’m sorry- without judgement of who was right or wrong I embrace humility and accept my responsibility for who I am and my part big or small in whatever happened.

Please forgive me- I ask that the negative energy charges across time and space and all dimensions be healed and released that we can all live good lives.

I forgive you- I release any negative charges I hold in my mind, body and spirit across all time, space and dimensions and I understand you’re growing through your own lessons in life and dealing with your own struggles just like I am.

I love you- I am reminding myself that love is the truth of the Universe and essence of it all and we are all connected in ways large and small. I choose love so I can free myself to be myself and add my voice to the world for the greatest good.

Thank you- I embrace gratitude for this moment this opportunity to heal and grow to be a better healthier happier person. I’m grateful our karma brought us together to help each other grow and help me become stronger in all the ways that are most important.

We are not meant to dwell in the darkness.
That’s why the Sun rises every day to remind us of this.

Love & Light,
Joseph S.

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