Why do I, why do we feel so much pressure to achieve things so that at the end of a day we judge ourselves? Every day we have to get a lot done, or do big things to feel good about ourselves. Have you ever wondered why we feel this pressure to do more and more?

We are human beings, not human doings.

If we walk around all day with our phones in our hands staring at timelines scrolling and tapping, we miss the timeline that we are living in right now! This moment is full of immense beauty. If we put our phones down and life our eyes up, feel the sun on our faces, we might see a bee landing on a flower. We might see a person sharing a kind smile with us! We might even see how truly blessed we are to have the lives we have!

When I stand in lines, which is something we all do almost every day, I put my phone in my pocket and talk with people instead. Sometimes I smile and nod to simply acknowledge a person. Sometimes I compliment them in some sincere fashion that I hope is meaningful to them. And when I talk with a person I make a point of really listening intently to them to hear what they say and who they are. Often I will share a Happy Card with a worker at the super market, restaurant or bank and let them know how much I appreciate them. These interactions are often very brief, but they are always meaningful. It is the people I meet and the moments I fully experience that make up the timeline of my life.

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