Hello! I’m Joseph Segal.
I created these colorful little thank you cards I call Happy Cards to share a bit of kindness with people I see around my community. It is my way of doing what I can to make a difference and to help people feel good again.

Happy cards have given my life a new purpose and mission, the mission is bringing back kindness and polite civil engagement that leads to greater health! I saw two things happening around us. One thing I saw was everyone walking around staring at phones and not seeing, acknowledging or talking with others around them.  The second thing I noticed is a lot of people seemed very stressed out and even unhappy.  I looked into it and it turns out the two are connected!

We need in person social interaction to feel healthy in life!  So I started talking with people, smiling, joking around to get them to smile, and sharing a sincere compliment with them.  It felt really great! I felt alive and healthy.  And people who I  complimented and thanked, they beamed with positive appreciation.  So I designed and created these little cards to hand out to people to thank them for their smile or for being nice or to just tell them they’re amazing. Most people say the same thing, “You just made my day!” and they mean it too.  Imagine that!

You can be a part of the kindness movement and create ripples of kindness, positive feelings and happiness.  You can share these with your kids, your colleagues, classmates, neighbors and more! You’re really going to love how you feel when you give out one Happy Card a day to someone every day! 

This is going to help you and many people around you feel good again.

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