How many of us can relate to being isolated as kids because we were different and as a result made “fun” of? Too many of us can I’m afraid.  People today may be all grown up but we are still isolating each other for our differences. What we should be doing is celebrating each other for our awesome uniqueness!

At the same time we are unique and each of us have our own wonderful interesting stories we are living out, we are also all human beings with many of the same struggles we try to make our ways through.  And so if we can give each other a little recognition and kindness, those struggles can be a little less heavy of a burden for us to carry.

This great talk asks us to live life as an example of human kindness by simply being polite to one another. And it does make a difference in people’s lives when we are kind and thoughtful and show them appreciation. It makes a huge difference!

Watch this great TED talk and then be on the look out today for opportunities to thank someone, to help someone, to be polite and kind to someone. People will notice.

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